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Established in 63-6 Dae-dong Daejeon-si, Chungnam
Product Approval Number : Ministry of Health-Welfare No. 150
Trade Name : Han Kook Shin Yak Co., Ltd.

Establishment of the latest machine to produce the traditional oriental medicine

Manufactured the traditional oriental medicine (Galgeuntang, Sipjeondaebotang and Sosiotang) for the first time in Korea

Commenced manufacturing 100% pure traditional oriental medicine EX

Exported CEREBOS


Commenced manufacturing single component drug for medical insurance of the traditional oriental medicine (including 23 items including licorice)

Developed the cosmetics with oriental botanical products using 100% traditional oriental medicine EX.

Opened the annex Jakwang reaserch institute (Bangchon natural substances research institute)

Commenced the sales of Immunostimulaing substances (MESIMA EX.) through the cultivation of mycelium of Phellinus linteus at the market

Obtained the approval as the company to execute GMP

Designated as the company for the special exception from military service

Developed TAXOL, anti-cancer substance

Obtained KT(Excellent Korean Technology) Mark (The Ministry of Science-Technology)

Moved into new GMP plant in Yangchon Nonsan, Chungnam

Won Dasan Technologoy Award (The Korea Economic Daily)

Won Frontier Award of Korea Marketing (Korea Marketing Association)

Won Jang Young-sil Award (The Ministry of Science-Technology)

Won Outstanding Businessman Award for Businessmen in Chungnam (Chungcheongnam-do)

Designated as venture company (Small Business Administration)
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