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NDC-052 : Development of Anti-asthmatic Substances

Purpose of Technology Development
NDC-052 that is natural products with the outstanding activation is found in antagonism research of platelet-activating factor(90% inhibition at 100㎍/㎖) receptor using the blood platelet of a rabbit.

Characteristics of Technology
The enlargement substance for bronchus to recover the airway contraction currently causes harmful effects because it depends on steroid but through this research NDC-052 prevents the side effect as well as has the anti-inflammatory effect. NDC-052 has better effect in terms of safety as the medicine that is generated from natural products.

Usage and Expected Effect
The global market for anti-asthmatic substance consisted of twenty hundred million dollar in 1995 and the asthmatic patient has been continuously increased due to the environmental pollution.
It is expected to develop as the medicine that has nearly no side effect and can be continuously prescribed.
Research and Development of Novel Bioactive Substances that comes from Microorganisms

1. Development of stroke remedy
2. Development of immunosuppressive substances corresponding to Cyclospholin A
3. Development of immunomodulators from the mushrooms
Research and Development of the discrimination method using PCR in Phellinus spp.

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