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  It is known that various plants in nature has activating substances to treat the disease of human beings and even up to now, 75% of all human beings still use those plants to maintain the health. In the latter half of the 20th century, the concern on the bioactive substances that come from plants are increased due to the increase of chronic disease that it is very difficult to treat, the sudden increase of physical and psychogenic disease and serious side effects of compound medical goods. Those medical fluids using natural material are traditionally extracted by the hot-water extraction method and are mostly high molecular polysaccharides. However, all polysaccharides are not active and there are polysaccharides that are not active at all according to the stereostructure. There are polysaccharides with special activation and there are too many evaluation on polysaccharides because they are high molecular that contain various sugars.

  The polysaccharide that holds the representative anti-tumor activity is protein polysaccharide that exists in basidiomycete (mushroom). In general, protein bound polysaccharide of basidiomycete has the anti-cancer effect as enhancing the immune function of a host as well as not having the poisonous effects on the normal cells differently from anti-cancer chemical therapies. So when it is combined with anti-cancer theraphies, the treatment effect will be improved. Therefore, polysaccharide extracted from basidiomycete is a certain substance to adjust the biological reaction. Especially Phellinus linteus among those basidiomycetes has the strong anti-tumor effect and Mesima has valuable factors such as α-(1,6)-heteroglycan and galctomannoglucan that are anti-cancer immunity active acidic polysaccharide of 153kD.

Picture. Configuration of Mesima Polysaccharides and
Sugar Ingredients and Molecular Weights of Mesima

  It is a part of galctomannoglucan structure that is the effective factor of Mesima and has the anti-cancer activity when it has the stereostructure of third dimension as dozens of those structures are combined.

According to the research, as separating the most active parts from polysaccharides that are contained in Mesima and executing the mechanical analysis, amino acid contents and glucose, galactose, mannose, xylose and arabinose that are configured as the ratio of 21.1, 24.1, 44.2, 3.7 and 7.0 are defined as new acid protein polysaccharides that the molecular weight is 153Kd. As we know through that instrumental analysis, Mesima is the protein polysaccharide that monosaccharide and protein are particularly combined and mannose and arabinose are contained a lot in an unusual manner and essential amino acids are contained a lot.

Table. Neutral sugars composition of ‘Mesima’ Phellinus linteus Mycelia Extracts
  T Value Molar Rate (%)
Arabinose 1.000 7.0
Xylose 1.135 3.7
Mannose 1.412 44.2
Galactose 1.390 24.1
Glucose 1.566 21.1

Table. Amino Acid Contents of Mesima
Amino Acid Contents (nmol/mg)
Asp 220.8
Thr 122.0
Ser 238.4
Glu 1.390
Gly 164.8
Ala 120.0
Val 102.4
Ile 16.0
Leu 35.2
Lys 64.0

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