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1. Clinical Efficacy Cases

Mesima has various clinical effects as substance with anti-cancer immuno-stimulating activities and has the excellent effect especially for cancer in digestive system. In accordance with the immunity adjustment function that is mentioned before, Mesima increases the treatment effect as suppressing the development of cancer cell that naturally grows in a body and reducing the side effects by the anti-cancer chemical therapy when taking a treatment with anti-cancer chemical therapy that has many side effects.

The clinical efficacy cases of Mesima are approved by medical specialists of Dr. Yamanaka in Japan, Chungnam University, Jeonnam University, Seoul University and Yeonsei University in Korea. The following is the brief summary of the results.

Clinical Case 1.
Long Term Immune Treatment Effect of Mesima on Gastric Cancer
(Dr. Seozou Yamanaka in Saijo hospital, Japan, report in Medical Consultation & New Remedies, 1988)
Tested Patient 78 years old man
(Terminal patient of gastric cancer, cancer is spread all over the stomach and the operation is impossible. Remaining life is just two or three months)
Treatment Medicine Injecting Mesima of 2 g per day
Treatment Effect 1. Pain was disappeared and good condition was maintained
2. No loss of appetite and no cachexia
3. LDA of 1 cm in diameter in the liver, loss of tumor in the lung
4. He died because of sudden bloody flux after one and half years, but it was expected that he could live longer if no bloody flux.

Clinical Case 2.
Evaluation on Mesima Immune Chemical Treatment for Gastric Cancer Patient
(Dr. Seozou Yamanaka in Saijo hospital, Japan, report in Medical Consultation & New Remedies, 1990)
Tested Patient Tested 22 patients that were diagnosed to have gastric cancer of Stage IV (Terminal patient) (10 patients with operation, 12 patients without operation)
Treatment Medicine Injecting Mesima of 3 g per day
Treatment Effect Increase of appetite, reduction of swelling, increase of weight, improvement of face color, increase of endothelium reaction by cancer, improvement of NK cell activation

Figure. Comparison between Mesima group and Non-Mesima Group

The figure above is the result of research on the survival rate of the tested patients in terminal stage when mitomycine C (MMC) that is chemical treatment medicine, Futraful and Mesima are injected together. It can be recognized that when Mesima is injected, the survival rate is increased in comparison with other medicines.

In addition, the left figure is Target cell. NK activation was researched using peripheral lymphocyte with k-562 as effector cell. It is the evidence to prove that the activation is suddenly increased after injection of Mesima. And it is the result to easily indicate that the immunity activation function of Mesima is applied to clinical treatment.

Clinical Case 3.
Immune Mesima Polysaccharide Application on the patients with various cancers (Dr. Seozou Yamanaka in Saijo hospital, Japan, report in Medical Consultation & New Remedies, 1990)
Tested Patient 16 men terminal patients and 14 women terminal patients in total including six terminal patients with gastric cancer, four patients with lung cancer, six patients with esophageal cancer, five patients with rectal cancer. Mesima extract of 1-6g was used per day for each patient.
Treatment Result Pain reduction, improvement of appetite, maintenance of weight, enhancement of desire, increase of endothelium reaction by cancer.

Figure. PHA and Con-A Reaction of Lymphocyte of the Patients that Mesima is injected

The figure above to show the clinical effect of Mesima on the patients with various cancers is the important data to prove that Mesima increase the immunity reaction in a body and does the anti-cancer reaction because the patients with Mesima injection for PHA and Con-A that are mitogen that influences on the increase of lymphocyte illustrate much more similar reaction to the normal person than the untreated patients.

Clinical Case 4.
Clinical Observation on the joint injection of Anti-cancer medicine and Mesima after Gastric Cancer Operation (Prof. Jeong Hyun-Yong in College of Medicine in Chungnam University, Report in the Japanese Society for Alternative Medicine & Treatment, 2000)
Tested Patient Stage 3 terminal patient with gastric cancer
Treatment Medicine Mesima 3 g after operaton, Oral administration of Furtulon (doxifluridine) 600㎎ every day for two years
Treatment Result There are three cases that the cancer was recurred and died during the treatment period (3.2% among total tested patients). 90 cases maintained good condition and have been treated up to now. For the treatment cases, the effect to suppress the transition is confirmed.

Figure. Recurrence Rate among Tested Patients
Photo1. Gastric Cancer by Endoscope Laccolith on right side Photo 2. To Identify metastasis to liver by tracking test Photo 3. Metastatic cancer is disappeared by Mesima

The patient in the photo above was 64 years old man who came because of hemoptysis. By the endoscope test, ulcerative lesion of Borrman type III was found and thick blood clot was found at the bottom of ulcer (Photo 1). There was transition of lymph gland before operation. The stage of cancer after operation was the late stage III and Liver Metastasis was found in spite of the third aid treatment by ELF that is anti-cancer medicine (Photo 2). After that, anti-cancer medicine (cisplatin and 5-FU) was treated four times. Then, from March, Mesima and Furtulon were injected. After that, the transition during seven months was disappeared (Photo 3). Obviously, the medical attendant concluded that it was the effect of Mesima.

With the results above, Mesima is considered as the safe and effective immunity treatment medicine as the supplementing treatment after the operation of gastric cancer and it is expected to make the superior treatment effect on liver metastasis. In addition, the joint treatment of anti-cancer medicine and Mesima contributes to the development of cancer treatment method that the side effect is reduced and the safety is increased.

Clinical Case 5.
Research on Immunity Improvement Effect of Mesima as the immunity treatment substance after radical gastric resection of the stage III gastric cancer patients ( Team of Prof. Kim Jin-Pok in College of Medicine in Seoul National University, report in Journal of Korean Cancer Association, 1997)
Tested Patient Terminal patients of gastric cancer that has gastric resection operation : Men ; 26, Women; 14.
Treatment Medicine First Group ; Oral administration of Mesima-Ex 1g three times per day, 30 minutes after the meal + MMC, 5-FU (10 patients)
Second Group; Placebo administration in the similar way with the first group + MMC, 5-FU (6 patients)
Treatment Result Mesima was injected to the terminal patients of gastric cancer that had gastric resection operation and after that, the number of T lymphocyte was checked. As the result of immunity recovery evaluation, the recovery rate of total number of T lymphocyte and the number of supplementing T lymphocyte was high in comparison with other groups. The lymphocyte that Mesima was treated together with chemical medicine was recovered mush faster than lymphocyte with chemical medicine.

Table. Immunity recovery ability of patients after the joint administration of Mesima and chemical medicine, Mitomycin-C(MMC) and 5-FU
  Rate of T3 Lymphocyte seven months after operation compared to T3 Lymphocyte before operation Rate of T4 Lymphocyte seven months after operation compared to T4 Lymphocyte before operation
First Group Mesima +MMC + 5-FU 88.9% 78.7%
Second Group MMC + 5-FU 63.5% 64.8%

Clinical Case 6.
Anti-tumor Effect of Phellinus linteus (Mesima EX) of the patient with gastric cancer that has to take the radical gastric resection operation
( Team of Prof. Kim Joo-Hang in College of Medicine in Yonsei University, Report in Journal of Korean Cancer Association, 1997)
Tested Patient 67 patients with progressive adenocarcinoma that took the gastric resection operation
Treatment Medicine Anti-cancer chemical treatment and Mesima EX injection
Compared group : 5-Fluorouracil + Adriamycin
Mesima treated group : 5-Fluorouracil + Adriamycin + Mesima EX
Treatment Result Activation level of NK cell and Antibody-dependent cell mediated cytotoxicity were examined for the patients with progressive adenocarconoma after the gastric resection operation and the compared group that Mesima and chemical treatment medicine were jointly injected. As a result of examination, the activation ability of the group that Mesima was injected was higher than baseline after 2 months and 4 months. Those results proved that Mesima has the excellent effect to overcome the cancer with chemical treatment after the gastric resection operation because of its definite reaction in a body by its immunity enhancement effect.

Table. Comparison of Immunity Activation between Mesima EX injection group and compared group before treatment and two months after the treatment
Group Mesima treated group (N=30) Compared group (N=37)
(%) NK Cell Antibody-dependent cell NK Cell Antibody-dependent cell
Baseline 26 38.6 28.1 53.0
2 months 28.9 42.1 27.3 47.4

Table. Comparison of Immunity Activation between Mesima EX injection group and compared group before treatment and four months after the treatment
Group Mesima treated group (N=21) Compared group (N=26)
(%) NK Cell Antibody-dependent cell NK Cell Antibody-dependent cell
Baseline 30.1 45.4 29.0 50.6
4 months 43.4 57.7 38.1 53.9

Figure. Suppression Rate of Recurrence of Mesima EX treated group and compared group after gastric resection operation

In addition, as a result of recurrence examination through abdominal computed tomography after gastric resection operation on Mesima treated group and compared group, Mesima treated lymphocyte has lower recurrence rate in 77% compared to untreated Mesima. This is the important data to prove that the recurrence is suppressed by the continuous immunity effect (continuous efficacy) in accordance with Mesima injection.

Clinical Case 7.
Research on Anti-cancer Effect of Mesima EX Acid (Prof. Kim Sam-Yong in College of Medicine in Chungnam University, report in Journal of Korean Cancer Association, 1991)
Tested Patient 22 terminal patient with cancer in total including 9 patients with gastric cancer, 3 patients with liver cancer, 2 patients whose cancer locations were uncertain, 2 patients with cancer of the rectum and six patients with cancer. 16 men and 6 women.
Treatment Medicine A. Cyclophosphamide + Mesima EX acid ( Intravenous injection of cyclophosphamide for advance cancer of which the activity ability is ECOG III or as the supplementing immunity treatment after operation on the first day. Oral administration of Mesima EX acid from the fourth day to the 17th day. Repeat the treatment above in four weeks pattern)
B. Joint administration of anti-cancer treatment and Mesima EX acid (When compound chemical treatment is executed for advanced cancer or chemical treatment is executed as the supplementing treatment after operation, execute oral administration as dividing and taking Mesima EX acid 3 g into three doses every day)
Treatment Result 1. T lymphocyte supplementing peripheral blood increased from 35.8±3.0% before treatment to 40.5±2.5% after treatment and CD4/CD5 rate increased from 1.1±0.12 before treatment to 1.4±0.13 after treatment
2. When stimulating PHA, lymphocyte increase reaction was 17009±6009cpm before treatment and increased to 51682±9846cpm after treatment. Lymphocyte stimulating index was increased from 11.5±2.9 before treatment to 29.8±5.5 after treatment.
3. The immunity function of 12 patients (80%) among 15 patients that the immunity examination was conducted was improved. 4. One case among nine cases with advanced cancer showed the partial reaction and 8 cases showed the stabilization reaction
. 13 patients that Mesima EX acid was used for operation treatment or radioactive treatment live without recurrence.
The results above proved that Mesima EX acid had the effect to increase the immunity function in the patients with various cancers, had little side effects and was the excellent medicine with the indirect anti-cancer activity.

Clinical Case 8.
Immunity Treatment Effect using Mesima EX in the treatment of patient with cancer in digestive system (Team of Prof. Kim Young-Jin in College of Medicine in Chonnam University, report in Latest medical Science, 1996)
Tested Patient Patients with advance gastric cancer for whom 5-FU and anti-cancer chemical medicine including mitomycin were injected after operation. Mesima EX was injected to 20 patients among cancer patients that the immunity function might be degraded and only 5-FU and mitomycin substances were injected to 10 patients as the compared group.
Treatment Medicine Patients who took the operation due to the gastric cancer received the intravenous injection of 5-FU 500㎎/㎡ and mitomycin 4㎎/㎡ once every two weeks from second weeks after the operation. Among these patients, the target group received Mesima EX 3,300mg every day and the compared group received placebo. The injection period was more than 8 weeks at least.
Treatment Result 1. There is no significant change in the number of total lymphocyte among immunity index, but the percentage of the number of total lymphocyte was higher in Mesima EX target group. In addition, CD 4 positive cell among lymphocyte subsets was higher in Mesima EX treatment group than in compared group.
2. All patients were taking supplementing anti-cancer and immunity treatment after the operation. The reduction of tumor was not observed, but there was no early recurrence of tumor during the short-term follow-up during three months or six months.
3. There was no general complication that Mesima EX injection shall be stopped and there were patients who appealed slight indigestion and stomachache. There was no special complication according to Mesima EX injection in all patients.
The results above proved that Mesima EX can be jointly and safely used for anti-cancer treatment because there is no side effect and have the continuous immunity effect for gastric cancer patient of whom the immunity function is estimated to be weakened.

2. Overcome and Prevent Disease

Mushrooms contain protein, sugars, organic acids, vitamins and fats (especially, unsaturated fatty acids) as nutrition resource that is the original role of food and as the components related to function. And mushrooms contain also color and flavor that can enhance the preference on the food and real ingredient related to taste such as nucleic acid related material including GMP and AMP so that mushroom are widely used as the food additives. In addition, mushrooms are partially used as health and diet supplementation foods that have low calories, lower the cholesterol contents and increase the effectiveness to adjust weight. In addition, mushrooms show various physiological characteristics when being taken such as immunity adjustment function to accelerate body protection action on foreign substances (bacteria and fungus) from the outside and inside a body (tumor cell), homeostasis function that smoothly maintains the activities such as enzyme reaction that is involved in physiological activity in a body, antithrombotic action and a drop of blood sugar that can remove the factors to cause geriatric disease such as sclerosis of the arteries. Mushrooms also contain medical characteristics such as anti-cancer activity so that they attract the attention as new health food material. Especially, a lot of researches are executed in the developed countries such as USA and Japan as the new material for Biological Response Modifier (BRM) and the most noticeable ingredient of mushroom is polysaccharide that is currently developed and sold as medical goods.

Especially, Mesima that is produced from mycelia of Phellinus linteus as described above related to other mushrooms has the treatment effect to prevent geriatric disease as well as the immunity acceleration effect. Mesima is suitable as health food for modern people that can be easily exposed to disease because it contains various functions that mushrooms have as well as the value as the special medicine that is anti-cancer immunity acceleration treatment medicine.

If we constantly take Mesima in usual life, the preventive function rather than the remedy function will enhance our body and we can overcome disease and enjoy the healthy life.

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