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  Mesima is the output from research project that the Ministry of Science and Technology supervised and there are much scientific and accurate data to prove the efficacy and the strain for Mesima production.

  As the medical effect of Phellinus linteus is generally known from old literature up to now, similar mushrooms are sometimes misrecognized as Phellinus linteus. Han Kook Shin Yak produces "Mesima" that is the mycelial extract of Phellinus linteus as obtaining pure mycelium from rare fruit body from nature in the early stage and systemizing the mass cultivation. Han Kook Shin Yak has much KNOW-HOW and patents as the leading company for Mesima products and strictly produces and manages to make no errors that can occur during mass cultivation.

  The most important thing in mass cultivation using mycelium is the management on production strain and Han Kook Shin Yak judges the authenticity of mycelium of Phellinus linteus through the gene interpretation that is molecular biological method for the effective management of production strain. In cooperation with Han Kook Shin Yak and Professor Oda in Pharmacognosy class, Kanazawa University in Japan presented the report on the similar products with Mesima "Interpretation of Genetic Relation of Phellinus linteus on the markets (Korea and Japan) by RAPD method" in Japanese Society of Pharmacognosy. As a result, it is determined that HSKY-PL2 strain that is the mass production strain of Han Kook Shin Yak has the same gene shape to Phellinus linteus ATCC 26710 that ATCC, American Type Culture Collection, publicly approved so that it is judged as the strain of Phellinus linteus. The report also declared the astonishing result that other similar products that are known as Phellinus linteus have the different gene shape from Phellinus linteus. This fact is the data enough to prove that Han Kook Shin Yak produces Mesima with accurate strain of Phellinus linteus without considering the authenticity of other similar products (See Gene Diagram of New Phellinus linteus Development ).

Figure. Analysis of Gene patterns of Strains and Similar Types of Phellinus Genus by PCR Method (Report in Japanese Society of Pharmacognosy, 2001)

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