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1. Characteristics of Mesima

Effect to Suppress the Increase of Cancer and to Lengthen the Life

Mesima contains anti-cancer polysaccharides that has the outstanding immunity activation effect and activates the immunity cell of macrophage, T lymphocyte, B lymphocyte and NK cell. So it suppresses the increase of cancer cell. At the same time, it improves the deterioration of physical strength, loss of appetite, malaise and loss of weight of patients with cancer. Therefore, the quality of life of cancer patients is improved and the remaining life can be extended.
Effect to Suppress Transition

Mesima suppresses the transition of cancer and prevents the recurrence as stimulating the immunity of a body and activating the immune cell.
Effect to Increase Treatment Effect and to Reduce Side Effects by Joint Injection with Anti-cancer Medicines

When Mesima is injected with anti-cancer medicine together, the treatment effect of cancer is more increased. In addition, side effects that occur due to the general anti-cancer medicines such as reduction of leukocyte, loss of appetite, vomiting, fever and fallen hairs can be slightly reduced.
Effect to Prevent Cancer

Mesima increases the immunity of a body that suppresses the cancer cell. So if you take it before occurrence of cancer, you can prevent the cancer in advance.
Other Characteristics

It is anti-cancer medicine for oral administration.
It is safe treatment medicine for cancer without cell toxicity.
It can prevent other infectious disease because it enhances the immunity.
It prevents and improves the occurrence of autoimmune disease such as diabetes.
It is expected to be effective for immunodeficiencies such as AIDS.

2. How to Purchase : Call or Prescription of a doctor

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