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General medical supplies (O.T.C)


General medical supplies (O.T.C)
No product_eng Name Package Efficacy/Effect

1 NOCOL LIQUID. Liquid Relieving general symptoms of cold (Ru..
2 CHON SHIM LIQUID. Liquid When failing to get to sleep and to get..
3 GAMCHIWON LIQUID. Liquid Cold, illness from fatigue, fever and h..
4 SUNCHIWON LIQUID. Liquid Chronic but not serious general sympto..
5 SOGIEUM LIQUID. Liquid Headache, fever and cough due to cold...
6 NUNJEONGHWAN PILL. Pill The efficacy and effectin Chinese medic..
7 KANG HYEL HWAN PILL. Pill Arthralgia, neuralgia, lumbago and mus..
8 JAETONG HWAN PILL. Pill rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis and ne..
9 SAENG JUNG HWAN PILL. Pill Following symptoms of the people that e..
10 ZERO PILL. Pill Decline in energy, relief from fatigue..
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