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Artificial liquid culture of Phellinus linteus mycelia and manufacturing method of anticancer and immuno-stimulating substances (related to Mesima)

Extraction method of active immuno-stimulating substances and substances with killing effect of cancer cells from the artificial culture substances of Phellinus linteus produced to hymenium and mycelia layer are generated (related to Mesima)

New Phellinus linteus strain that generates active substances for anti-cancer and immuno-stimulating (related to Mesima)

Polysaccharide of Immuno-stimulating effect that is separated from strain of new Phellinus genus and its usage (related to Mesima)

Method to extract Taxol and its related substances from the yew leaves that are cultivated (related to Taxol)

Medical substances for injection that includes Taxol (related to Taxol)

Method to extract Taxol from the yew leaves (related to Taxol)

Pharmaceutical Compound Used for Preparation of Taxol as an Injection solution (related to Taxol)

. Process of Extracting Taxol from taxol cuspidata(related to Taxol) - Patent pending in USA, Europe and China

Method to manufacture gericudranin A

Pure dried EX powder of botanical product that does not include excipient and its manufacturing method

Method to take calcium medicine and the shape of calcium medicine that can be conveniently taken

Extract of bud of magnolia that has anti-asthmatic effect and lignan compound that is separated from the bud of magnolia

Usage of Serratia marcescences strain and prodigiosin that is separated from its culture solution as the immunosuppresive drug - Patent pending in Europe and USA

Novel pectic polysaccharide that is separated from Angelica gigas Nakai, process to separate and refine it and its usage as immune adjuvant - Patent pending in Japan, Europe and USA

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