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Q : Are the products on which Mesima is marked the same ?
A : Dr. Yoo Ick-Dong in Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Technology collected and studied 12 types of fruit body related to Phellinus linteus all over the world. And he announced the research report that the fungi HKSY-PL2 that is collected in Korea had the strong anti-cancer immunological enhancement effect. The fungi HKSY-PL2 is confirmed as the same category as Phellinus linteus ATCC 26710 fungi that is donated in American Type Culture Collection Center, ATCC in accordance with DNA typing.

The fungi HSKY-PL2 can be massively produced by the cultivation technology that is developed through 10 years experiment of G7 Project that is managed by the Ministry of Science and Technology. In this G7 project, Hankook Sinyak, domestic pharmaceutical company, and Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Technology participated. Hankook Sinyak obtained the mycelium of Phellinus linteus through the unique cultivation technology of Hankook Sinyak. It processes it through the hydrothermal extraction method and dries and powders the effective components through the special processing. Then, it succeeded to make the products. This product is registered as the special medicine in Korea in the name of [Mesima]. It is provided as the pure powder product that the humidity acquisition is very low through the special processing.

The other products of the similar type as Mesima that processes the powder of the fruit body of Phellinus linteus or the mycelium are recently sold. However, the product that is registered as the special medicine is only [Mesima] product that Hankook Sinyak developed. The fruit body of Phellinus linteus is not approved as the foods or the medicine because its authenticity and the poisonous character are dubious. Please refer to the homepage of Hankook Sinyak for the details.
Q : Is Mesima effective for any kinds of cancer?
A : [Mesima] improves the immunological function of the body, but it is the unspecified immunological therapy to apply it to the treatment of the cancer. The unspecified immunological therapy has the characteristic function (treatment of cancer) to make the weak body recovered with all immunological cells that protect the body. It is different from [Specified immunological therapy] to attack the cancer that is found in the specific internal organ or tissue. It is much possible to treat many unspecified cancers that can appear in any part of the body. Therefore, it is considered to have [Mesima] as expecting that it can treat any kinds of cancer.

Q : Is it effective for the last stage of the cancer?
A : : It is certain that Mesima has the significant effects to remove or reduce the cancer related to the last stage of the cancer. However, the effectiveness can be different in accordance with the old, the previous treatment and the mind of the patient. Therefore, we cannot say that it is absolutely [good] The expected effects of [Mesima] for the last stage of the cancer is to reduce the side effects according to the anti-cancer treatment, to improve the quality of the life and to extend the span life.

According to the doctors who are in charge of clinical treatment, [Mesima] has the effects to reduce the symptoms such as pains, nausea, fatigued, anorexia and weight lose due to the cancer. And many patients who take [Mesima] spend convenient and meaningful life differently from patients who take only the general treatment. [Mesima] is considered to be good because it does not make the people around the patients(nurse or attendant) as well as the patients uneasy.
Q : For what kinds of disease is Mesima effective except the cancer?
A : : It has the function to adjust the immunological. [Mesima] has the great possibility to improve various diseases that are caused by the immunological function problem. The function is currently studied related to the senile diseases in Korea and Japan. However, it is proved to be very effective for the diabetes that is one of the autoimmune diseases through the research using the mouse.

In addition, many patients who take [Mesima] said that the autoimmune diseases such as Myasthenia Gravis and chronic rheumatism were much improved. Some people said that [the condition becomes good] and [I do not catch a cold]. We think the cases that the conditions are improved will be increased more and more. We applied the international patent for [Mesima] and wait for the result. And the effect for AIDS is included in the application. This can be one of the evidences that [Mesima] is involved in the immunological adjustment.
Q : : Isn't there any worries for side effects?
A : : [Mesima] is approved not to include any poisonous components through the strict safety investigation by the Toxicology Center of Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology(recognized by International GLP). In addition, it is sufficiently approved in the past researches. For example, there are no complaints that the patient who had Mesima had various difficulties due to the side effects. The diarrhea symptoms were reported in the medical institutions that use [Mesima] for their patients. However, it is solved as giving the digestive with Mesima. It reduces the side effects of the anti-cancer drug. However, [Mesima] itself is not harmful for the body. Therefore, you can take it without worrying anything.

Q : Is it possible to take with other medicine?
A : Yes. Many patients with cancer have [Mesima] as taking the anti-cancer treatment in the hospital. [Mesima] increases the effects of the anti-cancer drugs and reduces its side effects. In addition, there are no cases that the problem occurs when the patient has Mesima with other prescribed drugs, general medicine that is sold in the pharmacist's or any other health food at the same time.
Q : How long is it good to take?
A : The cancer is the systemic disease. So if the immunological function is degraded, the cancer spreads to the internal organs or tissues that are very weakened. In this aspect, it is not difficult to say that the patient is safe even though various safety measures are invented for the cancer. If the patient has the cancer and wants to spend the good life as not to make the cancer more serious, it is better to take for a long time without stopping taking Mesima.

Mesima does not give any bad effects to the body. Therefore, you can feel safe even though you take it for a long time.

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